Evochron Legacy Server

Australian Based Evochron Legacy Server

Pilot Leaderboard

These pilots hold the top 10 positions on the Evochron Legacy leaderboard.

  1. Corporal[IND]Belte
  2. Corporal[FDN]Killa
  3. Lance Corporal[IND]spaceghost
  4. Lance Corporal[ALC]Bingo
  5. Private First Class[IND]smash
  6. Private First Class[ALC]me
  7. Private First Class[IND]Trader
  8. Private[IND]Punchy
  9. Private[IND]WAYLAND
  10. Private[IND]Guernika

In Evochron Legacy, you are free to seek your fortune as an independent pilot in the Evochron universe where you control your own adventure. Each pilot brings their unique skills and interests to the universe, forming clans for cooperative goals or remaining solo to complete objectives on their own in true freeform space-sim gameplay.

Evochron Legacy Features

  • Explore The Universe alone, with friends or in a clan
  • Trade Commodities between players, stations and cities
  • Completely customise your ship with weapons, cargo, hulls, shields, wings, engines..
  • Space Dog Fight and destroy Capital Ships and Squadrons
  • Mine Asteroids and Planets for precious materials
  • Build Stations
  • Seemlessly fly from orbit down through the atmosphere to the surface of a planet experiencing each planets gravity and weather systems
  • Hunt and Be Hunted in Space PVP Combat
  • Conquer the universe with your clan and claim it as your own
  • Enjoy built in TrackIR Support
  • Immerse yourself with optimised stereoscopic 3d gameplay
  • Native Oculus Rift support

Multiplayer Prerequisites

You will need to obtain the game to join our server.

Evochron Legacy Gameplay

We have connected our dedicated server with our website to provide extra features such as Leaderboards and Military Ranking. We also provide a pilot log which documents your exploits in the NET247 Universe. When you kill other players you are awarded points but beware as once you kill someone you will have a bounty placed on your head.. survive the bounty hunters and get bonus points, be caught and well its good bye to your ship.

You can keep up to date with the server using our server tracker here or by joining us in our chatroom where +NET247 bot relays all the latest information directly to the channel as it happens.

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Evochron Legacy

recent server activity

Friday 4:58am[IND]Belte Disconnected from Evochron Legacy
Friday 4:54am[ALC]cmdr_nightmare Disconnected from Evochron Legacy
Friday 4:51am[IND]Belte Connected to Evochron Legacy server
Wednesday 5:06am[ALC]cmdr_nightmare Connected to Evochron Legacy server
Wednesday 5:06am[ALC]cmdr_nightmare Disconnected from Evochron Legacy
Wednesday 4:37am[ALC]cmdr_nightmare Connected to Evochron Legacy server
Wednesday 4:37am[ALC]cmdr_nightmare connected for the first time to the Evochron Legacy server
Monday 12:15pm[IND]spaceghost Disconnected from Evochron Legacy
Monday 12:11pm[IND]spaceghost completed a contract (-3200,0,-550)
Monday 12:02pm[IND]spaceghost completed a contract (-1250,0,-400)
Monday 11:59am[IND]spaceghost completed a contract (-1253,0,-401)
Monday 11:49am[IND]spaceghost Connected to Evochron Legacy server
Monday 11:49am[IND]spaceghost Disconnected from Evochron Legacy
Monday 11:42am[IND]spaceghost completed a contract (-3200,0,-550)
Monday 11:35am[IND]spaceghost completed a contract (-3200,0,-550)