Bulletin Board System

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Online Games

Classic games that provide hours of entertainment and a highly nostelgic value. Our selection of online games are great fun for beginners and seasoned players alike. Preview our range of of online games that you can play solo, with friends or against our other users.


Users can utilise our multi-node chatroom when connected with a terminal session, or alternatively they can also access internet chatrooms on irc.net247.com.au from the internet chatroom client.


The modern internet enabled bulletin board system offers users more ways than ever before to get connected and stay connected. The need for dial-up modems and telephone lines has been replaced by the wonders of the internet with support for popular terminal protocols including Telnet, RLogin and Encrypted SSH.


All registered users recieve a free e-mail account that they can use, these POP3 e-mail accounts are compatible with all e-mail client software. Alternatively users are welcome to use them as forwarders to an alternative e-mail email account. E-mail accounts are your username@net247.io.

File Collection

While not as relivant today, the file collection we have on hand has been curated to represent the best of the 90's bbs scene with a variety of files available for download. Users are also welcome to contribute by uploading into our file library.

Message Boards

We offer a selection of local message boards and also connections to various network message groups such as DOVE-NET. The message boards are effectively a forum where you can ready, reply and post your own messages for other users to see and respond to.

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