Quake II Server

Australian Based Quake II Server

Server Customisations

This is one of the only games we host that requires a couple of downloads on your behalf to play. You are probably already questioning doing this but .. hey trust us, it's worth it. Nothing is more fun than grappling hooks and using exploding crossbows. Oh wait, there is one more thing ... Proxy Mines that laugh and hunt you down!

We've made a few changes to the MOD to suit our server and one of those changes is introducing Bot Profiles, which we are ever expanding on to make those times with low player numbers still just as enjoyable.

  • Chaos DeathMatch - Customised (Mod)

Server Agents

When connecting to the Quake II server, the number of agents is dynamically controlled to suit the human player counts. The following agents will hunt you and each other down in a bid to climb the leaderboards and dominate.

Multiplayer Prerequisites

A copy of Quake II and the latest CHOAS files listed below... you will need to update your version of Quake to V3.21.