Tribes 2 Server

Australian Based Tribes 2 Server

Server Customisations

Our Australian Tribes2 server is currently running Base. You do not need to download any extras to play on our server.

  • Server Mod : Base

Multiplayer Prerequisites

A copy of Tribes 2 and the TribesNext patch is all you need to get going with the latest patch which is all located in the linked file below.

Tribes 2 Master Server Fix

The Tribes 2 master server is no longer available, follow these instructions to continue to play online and use the in-game browser.

One of the games unaffected by the GameSpy shutdown of 2014, Tribes 2 lost its master servers years prior. Lucky the team over at TribesNext has a great solution that solves the Master Server issue. Simply head over to their site and grab the latest TribesNext patch to get playing online.

Get Tribes Next